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Satellite remote sensing provides powerful means of locating and characterizing open-vegetation burnings. And it provides the only automated method capable of monitoring biomass burnings over large areas.

Satellite detection and characterization of active fires can provide crucial information to Civil Protection Service and Forest Service in order to better manage wildfire control in terms of:

  • Minimize the response time to the event: Timely and reliable detection of active fires is particularly crucial for effective wildfire management, particularly in largely inaccessible mountainous areas.
  • Fire crisis management: Near real time monitoring and tracking of active fronts is very important during crisis management concerning the optimal distribution of ground and aerial forces.

The role of satellite observations for the management of forest fires has considerably increased during the last years and it is intended to increase as the spatial, spectral and temporal characteristics of the sensors are constantly improving, as well as the techniques for the exploitation of satellite data.

Assessment of the quality of satellite wildfire detection products depends on numerous factors, including the study period and region, which determine the fire regime, satellite observation characteristics, dominant land cover type, climate, etc. Therefore, fire products must be validated for different geographic regions and seasons.

Fire Products

Active Fires

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Fire Risk Map

Risk of Fire Spreading

LSA SAF Fire Risk Map

Burned Area

Cartography of Fire Affected Areas

MODIS Burned Area Product

Satellite based characterisation of fires over Mugla and Antalya region in summer 2008.


Satellite Based Info. Network

Develop a satellite based information network for quickly dissemination of fire detection and tracking information to help the optimal distribution of ground and areal forces during emergency situations.

Alerting Protocol

Develop a common protocol for alerting procedure according to fire danger condition and to the properties of the reported satellite detection.

Validation and Calibration

Design an experimental campaign for the coming fire season to assess the performance of the defined satellite based fire alert system in operative conditions, and calibrate it accordingly.

Impact assesment

Assess the utility of satellite fire products with end users and their social and economical impacts.

Training campaign

Training campaign to inform potential end users how to properly interpret satellite fire product information in real time management of forest fire.

Update the System

Establish procedures with operating services to maintain and update the system as new tools and products are developed. And according to the development of the design alerting system during the time it will be used in the different region it will be implemented.